MODEL : M-003B

TYPE : Portable

COLOR : Black

SIZE : 68X68X172mm



Refresh with natural Cypress wood air purifier

Effects of 100% Natural
Cypress Wood Filter

Reasons to choose
IMUNSEN Air Purifier

How To Choose A Good Air Purifier

Smart Function

Smart and Convenient Use with One-button Control System

Adjustment Power &
Wind Speed

3 Levels of Wind speed
LED Light

Logo LED
Filter Replacement Alarm

" True HEPA 13 Filter
removes 99.97% of ne dust"

4 Stage Filtration System

With the special 4 stage filtration system of IMUNSEN, enjoy the clean air without fine dust as well as the antibacterial effect.

Eliminates 99.97% of VOCs caused by pet fur, dandruff, fine particle dusts, allergens, harmful gases, and animal odor

Low Noise Level

Strong cleaning and low noise with efficient product structure

Filter Replacement Indicator

When the filter replacement period arrives, the LED light will blink for 5 seconds right after turning on the product.

  USB Connection  

Convenient usage anywhere with simple USB connection

"100% Natural Oil Diffuser Capsule"

100% Natural Cypress Oil, No Artificial Additives

Enjoy fresh air with natural Cypress aroma

How To Use IMUNSEN Diffuser Capsule

Turn the bottom of the device to remove the filter inside.

Remove the diffuser capsule holder from the filter.

Remove the diffuser capsule from the capsule holder.

Remove the protection film of diffuser capsule

IMUNSEN air purifier tested and affirmed by numerous certification centers

Package Contents

Best Quality Assured

Only use official IMUNSEN filters to maintain the best product performance.

Free After-sales Service

Problems and issues caused by the use of unofficial replacement filters will not be provided a free maintenance service.

Safety Assured

Only official IMUNSEN products are certified for safe use, manufactured and controlled under strict monitoring.